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Firefighter Christmas Lights

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Meet Mike and Brian

Who better to install your Christmas lights safely this year, than a pair of firemen? Michael Drivdahl and Brian Alexander are business partners, friends, and Fort Worth Fire Fighters who, for the past 11 years, have been providing light installation services for the Aledo community - that is, when they’re not out saving lives.

The pair originally began a business in lawn maintenance, but transitioned into Christmas Lights and have been servicing their community since 2009.

“Your home is your most valuable investment you make your entire life,” said Mike.

It is because of this, that FireFighter Christmas Lights can provide a unique perspective on how to decorate a home, without jeopardizing the safety of those inside of it.

With their shared knowledge of fire safety, as well as years of wisdom gained from on-the-job experience, Drivdahl and Alexander are able to provide their customers with great service for a reasonable price.

FireFighter Christmas Lights sources all of their materials from different manufactures in order to present their clients with the product they want, at the most cost-efficient price-point. Over the years, they have found which stores have the best of each product, sometimes journeying to 5 or 6 different places to get what they feel is the best choice on the market.

Drivdahl and Alexander also pride themselves on their transparency in terms of cost as well as straightforward, convenient service. Customers can easily text their address, name and photo of their home to get a quote. That quote then includes all the materials for lights and installation, care for your lights throughout the season and a 3-year warranty. At the end of each season they take the customers lights back down, package them up in a storage tote that the customer then stores at home, ensuring that they have their lights for any other occasion.

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(817) 668- 6110

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