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The Louise Fund

You may be wondering, what does Defying Time have to do with the Louise Watkins Moore Charitable fund? It began when the Defying Time’s Medical Director, Catherine Porter

Moore, was a medical resident at the University of Texas Southwestern when, her mother


One of Dr. Moore’s college professors, Dr. Robin Roy, had opened the Protima Child and Women Development Center Tribal School in India to commemorate the memory of his own deceased parents. The school opened to children in 2007 and the surrounding villages, creating for many local families, first generation learners.

Dr. Moore and her husband wished to honor the memory of her late mother, this sparked the inspiration that led to the Louise Watkins Moore Charitable Fund (The Louise Fund) which would plant a clinic in the same village. They had a goal of making a lasting impact on a

community that had little to no access to healthcare in her mother’s memory.

“It was a project that started out of a need that we had no idea about,” said Catherine Porter Moore.

The LWM Wellness Center, opened in 2017 catering to the medical needs of families in the Santal Tribe in Khatguria, India, as well as the surrounding areas. Because of this clinic, the village has been transformed from parasite ridden to healthy.

Dr. Moore is a Pediatric Emergency Medicine doctor, she credits her husband, Jason Meller, with being the brains behind the clinic.

“We are a good pair” Dr. Moore shared. “I am the dreamer and he is the planner”.

The couple has three children, one of whom is autistic. Dr Moore shared she is well aware of the powerful effects that therapy can offer a nonverbal autistic child. “Jason and I are both very passionate about bringing some autism services to those who don’t otherwise have

access”. Recently, Dr. Moore opened Defying Time, an aesthetic rejuvenation clinic, to support her philanthropic efforts within The Louise Fund. A portion of the proceeds earned, and all of Dr. Moore’s personal earnings go directly to The Louise Fund. Their next goal is to establish an endowment for the clinic so it can stay operational, and they can shift their focus

to bringing scholarships to autistic children for therapies and education they otherwise won’t have access to.

To learn more about the Louise Watkins Moore Charitable Fund, or to make a donation today, visit

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