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Owners and Masterminds of 760 Magazines, Clint and Kristi Reese, married in 2013. Through the years, they (along with family and friends) would remark about how their combined creativity, skills, and talents were a great recipe for owning a business. Kristi’s experience as a graphic artist, photographer, and Director of Creative Marketing complement Clint’s experience in sales, customer service, learning and development, and business mentoring/consulting. Aside from the finance department, that’s about all you need. Well… that… and an idea or a product. 

When the couple lived in Grapevine in 2014, they produced and published a coffee table book about the city, Grapevine: A Visual Journey Through a Beloved Texas Town. Kristi orchestrated the photography, layout, and design while Clint used his writing abilities and humor to co-author the book. The book was a limited edition of 5,000 copies and sold out in dozens of shops in Grapevine, and can still be viewed in every room of Hotel Vin. At the time, the book seemed like a ‘one and done’ – especially with their first child being born during the bookmaking process and child number two not far behind. Little did they know, their "bookmaking" would continue in years to come.

76008 Magazine launched in 2020 and was distributed to just under 10,000 homes and businesses in Aledo, The Annettas, and Willow Park. After seeing the impact of the magazine and the joy it brought – both to the people in 76008 and to Clint and Kristi – they expanded and added 76086/76087 Magazine to include the rest of Willow Park, Hudson Oaks, and Weatherford. The addition of the second publication raised the distribution to over 40,000!  

Clint and Kristi are a two-person team, having creative control and freedom, and also means that if an advertiser or anyone needs something, the only people they’ll speak with are the ones that can make things happen. 

From the unique cover, themes, photography, and ad design by Kristi to the funny, uplifting, and informative articles from Clint along with advertising partners that provide excellent products and services to the residents of Parker County, every single issue of 760 Magazines is a passion project!

“Our hope is that the passion we put into each issue of the magazines is seen and experienced by everyone who reads it. We love what we do, and we are incredibly grateful and thankful for the love and support we’ve received from the community over the years. Thank you!”

Clint is also a Professional Development Trainer and travels the country training and coaching businesses of all sizes and industries, branches of the military, and government agencies. For more info, visit 

The 760 Magazines Magic 


In our humble opinion, 760 Magazines is the “sweet spot” for residents and advertisers alike. FREE is everyone’s favorite price, so all 40,000 homes and businesses in 76008, 76086, and 76087 receive the magazines for free. No subscriptions, no fees, no impulse racks at the grocery store checkout. No ma’am, no sir, it’s free!


Free can often mean low quality, but not with 760 Magazines. The size of the magazine, paper quality, and print quality exceeds all expectations for free. The magazines are beautifully created, meticulously designed, and the content is fun, uplifting, and funny. There’s enough headlines and rants everywhere you look these days – we want to make you smile and provide useful information. ​All of this, of course, would not be possible without our tremendous advertising partners who recognize the rare combination of quality and quantity, and who reap the benefits of having their businesses represented in such a way. These advertisers don’t pay for a brick & mortar location along with a staff and all the overhead that implies.


Creativity, printing, postage, and incredibly low overhead due to the two-person team of Kristi and Clint Reese. This also means that if you need something from 760 Magazines, you talk to the decision makers directly. It’s not a franchise or national corporation, it’s just us, and we love it that way! And… it WORKS!


Our advertisers regularly tell us they see more return on their advertising investment with 760 than any other print marketing they’ve tried. We never get tired of hearing that.​If you want to be SEEN, this is YOUR magazine! 

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