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One Beautiful Day

“May God ignite an army of Spirit filled women who glorify God by living and loving like Jesus, letting their light shine in a world that desperately needs the Hope.”

To say this is a “women’s event” would technically be accurate but SO far from what Flourishing Faith is all about. An “event” can sometimes mean a conference room with fluorescent lighting and granola bars next to the room temperature water bottles.

Flourishing Faith is an experience.

The idea was to create an oasis of sorts where women could feel unique and beautiful and comfortable. The flowers, couches, rugs, flowers, seating, table arrangements, flowers – all create an aesthetic and environment fit for a queen. Did we mention flowers? Beautiful flowers!

The picturesque setting for this experience is a footnote of the overall mission: showing women of Parker County, “that their life matters, how to understand the purpose of their faith, and to deepen their relationship with Jesus.”

The women speakers and leaders that have been purposefully selected from the area and around the country will pour out their wisdom and ministry for the ladies in attendance, and the impact these sessions have can be life changing. A return-ing favorite from last year’s experience is the ‘box of questions.’ Women write down questions they aren’t comfortable sharing out loud, the questions are selected, and wise, thoughtful answers of strength and encouragement are given by speakers and other women in attendance.

When women were asked what they were looking to gain from Flourishing Faith – a lot of the answers were along the lines of, “I just need a friend.” This is a great place to find that friend. In small and big ways, there will be someone there that can empathize with you and truly see you.

When founder, Brooke Ladouceur of Worthington Real Estate started the journey of creating Flourishing Faith, she didn’t know what to expect. While she’s aware that not all will truly under-stand this, Brooke was driven to this and given this gift by the Holy Spirit. The signs and messages were clear, and she proclaimed, “I want to throw a party for Jesus, open a non-profit, and invite all the women in Parker County.” And so, she did.

With heavenly guidance, hard work, dedication, help from sisters in Christ, volunteers, and passionate speakers with aligned visions, Flourishing Faith debuted in 2023 to a literally perfect number of attendees.

At the inaugural event there were exactly enough chairs for every woman that showed up. No more, and no less. When tickets are sold ahead of time as well as at the door, it’s difficult to know how many will show up, making this feat more impressive and divine. Once all the seatswere filled, so too were the hearts of those seated.

Flourishing Faith will take place this year on April 13th from 9:00 – 3:00 at The Springs Event Venue – 454 Thompson Rd., Weatherford Tx 76087. Tickets are on sale at

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